Tuesday, February 14, 2012 0 comments

Way To Much Stess

First off, i'm sorry its been so long since i've posted if anyone even reads this. I have been extremely busy with classes and relationship issues....its really hard to adjust to a new state and meeting new people and just having pressure on you constantly. I have to pay for school, find a new car, fix my relationship (top priority), beat everyone i'm in class with to get out in my career field, shit is just simply not easy. Plus i barely ever sleep which causes me to just feel drained throughout my days. I just can't wait to get home back in Roanoke, Va to see my amazing girl...i really missed her on valentines day which is today :((( Anyways i just figured i would start writing again since i don't sleep much lol I might run to wal-mart, come back, and crash! Somebody please leave a comment if your life is as hectic and stressful as mine so i dont feel alone here.