Thursday, November 29, 2012

Those days where you just want to stop

Working six days a week every week, taking fifty plus hours out of your week is something nobody wants to allow. This world gets rough on us all, especially if you don't enjoy spending that time doing what you do. I enjoy marketing (or at least my attempt) products that will actually help others, showing people that they're not alone in whatever their going through, and bringing smiles to as many people as I can! I really can't stand where im at job wise, I would much rather be a professional blogger where I actually have time to write good blobs, im doing both of my blots through my smartphone which really isn't easy or enjoyable!! But because of my job and my situation I can't afford internet or cable or barely rent at the moment and I work my butt off. If your in the same situation as I am which I bet theirs a lot of you out their then please know that your not alone and if you follow your hearts then things can turn around for you. I at least am lucky enough to have my beautiful girlfriend who loves me, a car, and a job so I can't complain about anything....just someday seem like the weight of the world is on you. And its NOT a fun feeling!

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