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New Job Coming Up!

As most people know that read this blog I have been devoted to cars pretty much my entire life, hell I even went to school to be able to do this for a living! Well things didn't really go as planned, when I got back home the only place that would hire me was an acura/audi dealership in my area. I did detailing work for them for the past year and some months, and just here recently I began doing some sidework for a guy looking to start up a shop. I am going to be under the table for a little while which I am not too crazy about but the money will be good and I know his work is steady so I finally got a new tool box to hold all of the thousands of dollars of tools that I have and I will be working full time their starting this coming Tuesday! So far for him I have done a few timing belts/chains heavy tech work. Mainly replacing engines and transmissions, and doing some clutch work here and their but hey everyone has to start somewhere right?
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Owning your First Place

I left my home on the day I turned eighteen. Handling living with my parents and handling all of the daily (excuse my language) shit that I took became way too much! After I couldn't afford to finish my time at the technical school I was attending in North Carolina and I couldn't stay in the big N.C. I had to head home. I guess you could say home I didn't have a place to stay at all. The only things that I knew was that I had to find a job, and a place to stay. Within the first three days I was back I had found my job at the dealership that I am still working at today and I got an apartment with my girlfriend. Finding out how to live on your own is never an easy thing but I am just going to say that the hardest thing I have ever experienced has been trying to keep up with this apartment while you work a crazy schedule constantly day after day. You come home exhausted, you have a lot of things to do when you get home, you go crazy, but you still manage to get by. Sometimes life sucks but their is always a way to make it a little bit liveable. Words straight from the man that is living it. Don't forget to check out my other blog at!!!
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Taking TimeTo Relax

As most of you all know I work at a very fast paced car dealership, and have been doing so for the past year and some. I'm a professional car detailer and I make pretty decent money doing it plus I have a little baby girl coming into my life here in the next few months! That's right, i'm going to be a dad!! Here is the deal, I work usually 5 to 6 days a week and sometimes I don't even get a lunch because of the crazy scheduling that goes into detailing vehicles, and then I come home to some bad moods sometimes. What's the statement i'm looking for here, oh yeah, "burnt out" is about how I feel on some days. When I do get the chance to take a little break I usually come home and do work that needs to be done around the house because my girlfriend works until 9 most nights so she doesn't really get much time to do anything. I really try to take time and work on my blogs which to me are extremely cathartic and I enjoy some of the feedback I receive from some of my posts. It means a lot to me that people actually read this small blog and respond to the things I am saying. This blog is kind of put on the backburner for my parenting blog where I kind of document my experiences going through life as a young soon to be father and so on. That's my real life blog where I offer helpful products to soon to be parents and even that people that are parents right now! You can take the chance to read it all right now at and don't forget to shoot me an email at with any suggestions as to what you would like to see from me next! Thank you all for reading :)