Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Cigarettes

When I wake up here right beside the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in the very beginnings of November it can be pretty frickin' cold! But as my life has played out I have made the conscience decision to smoke and now as soon as I wake up I tend to light up my cigarette and check all of the online communities I'm a part of. My email, my facebook, my youtube, and this very blog. One odd thing I've noticed is that if your a smoker your automatically a part of a community in the real world because with this subject people are literally either for or against it. You have the people that are very against doing it and the people that say "hell, go live your life the way you want too" are the exact opposite. When I started smoking I gained friends I never would have thought I had (not always a good thing), and listened to music I never thought I would have listened too and due to the fact that I'm a musician that really is a very good thing. But all in all I love waking up and enjoying my cold cigarette, it relieves the stresses of my previous day and helps the new one go on semi-happily :)

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