Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insomnia Rampant :/

As a teenager I find it very hard to fall asleep, almost running on maybe six hours of sleep in a five day period at times! And you wonder why people think my generation is lazy. My life is incredibly hindered by this so called "disease", but I think i found the problem. For me it's that there is too much going on this world at one time, and it never stops and if your anything like me you really want to know whats going on around you at all times. That's just general human nature, and the real instigator for this is the internet; it has made life twenty gazillion times better within the span of maybe 40 years since the silicon bang where our generations innovator Steve Jobs (R.I.P) harnessed the full potential of this beast and used it to his advantage. Yet, oddly enough, it's there to cater to any and all interests of the people which is really how he marketed what he was doing, in other words he made something already out their absolutely essential to every home in the nation. This is where my issue comes into play, I just can't sleep because I know what interests me and I have to find out whats going on in those fields of interests at all times day or night. If anybody has any ideas of something I need to experience and write about please let me know by leaving a comment below or shoot me an email at :)
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