Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music And It's Meaning (To Me)

Okay, I believe i've mentioned in my past posts that I am a musician. I picked up the guitar around the age of seven and never put it down. I have been in countless bands and have learned many instruments to me and one thing people have always said to me is "dude, your so good at that how do you do it, or "your so cool dude I wish I could do it". Well, the only thing I tell them is that they can play any instrument they wish to play because its really not about the skill level or the basis of knowledge you have about the instrument, its how you feel when you play it. I mean, watch any really good band my favorite being Evans Blue (i've been following them since their first cd until Kevin Matisyn went to Parabelle and now I listen to Parabelle). If you watch Kevin (Matisyn) perform his songs acoustic that man just pours his heart out in his words and it causes the rest of the band to really play with their hearts. To me their really isn't good music without feeling or meaning behind it, therefore I really can't stand a lot of hip hop or rap. It's people like Damien Rice or Eddie Vedder that honestly inspire me and I can feel what their singing about. Through all of the good and the really bad times writing and playing music has truly kept me from dying in one way shape or form and when I lost that passion for playing music when I was playing in bands that didn't get along it brought me closer to death so for me playing guitar or any instrument for that matter isn't about how much you know or how good you are at it, it's about how you express yourself through the strings and your words!
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