Monday, November 26, 2012

how to work and stay sane!

I work two full time jobs per say...I work a 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening shift at a car dealership detailing cars and working on our used cars and during that time I also try to blog and keep traffic moving through my blogs. When I get off of work I go home and spend the rest of my time with my lovely girlfriend and our little bun in the oven (she's pregnant!). I know if a lot of you are repeat readers then you probably get tired of me saying that i'm going to be having a baby but I am very proud of the fact and im still shocked and excited that im going to be a daddy soon. What I do is think about the things that really make me happy like the fact that im working to provide me and my girlfriend and eventually our child with shelter, food, and fun. Fun to me is a huge deal because you can't really get through life without having an ounce of fun and you definately wont have a happy relationship! I mean who wants to be with the most boring person in the world. I take my daily tasks with a smile because it bring me happiness knowing im working so hard for such a good cause. Remember everyone to follow this blog and my other blog at to keep up with my ever hectic life and the fun things and ideas I can bring to your day everymorning. Videos will coming soon for extra entertainment!

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