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Life changes just like waves hit the sandy beach....they collide and disperse their hatred upon everything within its path. They destroy, they cleanse, they love the pain but then they get tired and sink away into the sea of water from where they came from. That wave was nothing more than a little piece of someones life that they enjoyed for a little bit and then it just sinks back into the sea becoming nothing more than another ounce of water within the ocean that separates the worlds we live in. But sometimes theirs just that wave that you've remembered for so long that it just grows on you and makes you chase after it with a passion trying to find that one wave or that one ounce of water that truly made you happy for once...........to me, that's love <3
Sunday, March 11, 2012 2 comments

My Sis

My sis Katie is the one who i can talk to about anything and she helps me get through whatever i'm going through at any point in my life....the thing is she's not my biological sister she's just such a good friend to me i call her my sis :) I have two girls in my life, really their all i have and they mean more to me than anything in this entire world. Nothing could ever give me more happiness than the happiness i feel from my sis and my baby!! Of course i want to marry my valerie and start a family with her and be a great father to our children but i don't want my sis to be too far away from me!!! I really want both of our families to be together all the time!! I miss seeing my sis and holding my baby but hey, if any of my families (my sis, and my wife) cars brake down i can definitely fix them.

I Found Out The Meaning

I live in another state, away from all of my friends which just so happens to be four people! Katie (my sis), Daniel (my bro), Matt (my roommate but he lives here), and my baby Valerie (my lifelong companion and rock in my world).....she means the entire world to me and I live so far away from her its hard to make it to go see her and spend time with her. Things get so tough trying to make something of your life but i've found out that to do literally anything you have to make some kind of sacrifice...you just have to choose what means the most to you. Mine happened to be making a career that would support my family and my life with my baby. What means the most to you?

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Shitty Week W/ A Forecast Of I Cant Wait

well, as opposed to the title most weathermen are wrong most of the time! Yes it's been a shitty week mostly because this guy that lives with me and my roommate has been selling drugs out of our apartment and using all of our stuff....and the icing on the cake is that i get in trouble for having a fish tank with two fish and he gets nothing. yeah i know what your thinking, screw this guys life! Don't worry i feel the same exact way. On the bright side i went to the mooresville drag way today down here in NC and watched a 72 chevelle pull a 6.3 if i remember right and a 69-70's stang pull a 5.4 on the quarter mile....my mind was blown needless to say lol but what im really looking forward too is seeing my gorgeous angel this weekend, im really praying those plans work out because its been a while but when your so far away from each other you would basically do anything to make things work out lol