Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Have Fun In Long Term Relationships

So you've met the girl you want to marry? You really know your in love? But things are getting boring for you, you've got into a habit of knowing what you both enjoy doing. Well those things are like a good song, its amazing when you hear it and then you turn on your radio and hear it a million times....ruined! Lets say you get into a routine where you go to her house...sit, you go to his house...sit, maybe kiss, have sex whatever. Now if your a virgin this sounds AWESOME, I know. But, when you want to keep your relationship going and keep him/her interested in spending time with you and enjoy being with you, you have to spice things up when you spend time with your significant other. Try, random movies, driving around until you get "lost" (but don't really get lost that's an awful idea), rolling around and play fighting with eachother, or as my girlfriend says let the girl try to get you home. Remember its all about keeping your girlfriend/boyfriend interested in spending their time with you. So to all the people that have relationships but it seems like your lover is more interested in doing things without you or trying not to spend time with you remember some of these things...i'm not responsible for anything that you fuck up with, hince, "getting lost". That could be a little dangerous at times and could lead to a fight but be careful.
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