Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To Get Free Movies

First of all I have no control over what you do with this information this is strictly for educational purposes....but have you ever wanted to know how to get free movies and put them on dvd? well im going to tell you right here right now! First of all download uTorrent 2.2 and install VODO to make sure your safe with the torrents. Everybody has heard how dangerous they are but their really only dangerous if your stupid with the sources you get them from...the site I use mostly is www.thepiratebay.org. You download the Torrent and i created a download folder in my documents so everything I download goes into that and im not confused of where they went on my computer. Once that's downloaded open it up and make sure it opens in uTorrent (you can do that by right clicking the file and choose the option open with and find the program you want and click on it). The file is going to seed and download what's in the torrent and in most cases its either .avi or .iso, sometimes you'll find other extensions but just search around or add a comment and ill make sure i can show you how to make those work as well. The programs that I found are useful are DVD flick, DVD shrink 3.2, and imgburn...they are both freeware programs but once the file is downloaded open up DVD flick and add the file to the program and hit create DVD. Depending on how fast your computer is it should take anywhere from an hour to two hours. After you have completed that it'll be in parts somewhere on your computer wherever you chose to download them too, this is where DVD shrink comes into play. Open up DVD Shrink and click add files, once you've done that and find the folder where you created the DVD too you'll notice their is an audio-TS and a video-TS folder in their. Highlight the video-TS folder and click ok and then hit backup DVD. This is going to compress all of the parts into one .iso image file to burn onto your DVD. this should take about 15 minutes; once that is complete use imgburn and use the option "write files to disc". When pops up find where DVD Shrink put your .iso file and add into the source menu...it should be labeled as plain old "DVD". then you just insert your DVD-R or DVD-RW disc into your disc drive and hit the play button on imgburn and voila :) You should be left with your DVD!!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at zeekydeeky16@yahoo.com and I'll make sure to give you any information I can provide.
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