Monday, November 7, 2011

Trade School

okay, first of all anyone who goes to college pretty much has to fill out this fafsa thing that shows the financial status of your family. It's hard as hell to get this thing filled out correctly! I am an avid lover of cars and fixing things so I made the decision to go to the Universal Technical Institute and do the Ford program because I for some reason love Ford's. Of course i'll be writing my experiences on here for everyone to see but its going to be very very hard on me, first of all my start date is December the fifth and i just finished filling out my fafsa last night! I'm doing all of this because my dream has been to be able to support a family and have a comfortable happy home life for my children because that's what i've personally always wanted for myself and never got. I've never been into dumb things like partying, drinking, and drugs so it won't be a hindrance for my career when I go into the field I just wanted to let people know how fricking hard it is to do all of this stuff and paperwork that goes into getting into a school when you support yourself as an eighteen year old. It makes your life suck!! If anyone has any car questions feel free to comment on my posts or shoot me an email at and I can garauntee you a fix :)
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