Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wake Up!

First of all, i'm sure everyone has heard you work for what you get...and in today's economy that's very true. What really hits home for me is the lack of distrust the nation today has in their youth; the next generation of what is to come to walk the face of this stress-filled world as leaders! I'm 18 years old and can honestly say I could put a hat on for most trades that are in this economy today with the experiences I have had. I've worked in fast food, worked in the grocery business, worked as a general laborer for a construction company that took me to a few places I have never gone too (long story maybe for another time), and I have also worked with some of the nations top electricians in the United States! Yet, most of the public still view me as a hindrance to their "society" due to my age. Ever since I was a little child I have always worked with and enjoyed driving great grandfather owned two 1931 model A Ford's and a 1954 Ford Customline (which is now mine), and where I am getting to in this is that I am now leaving to go to school in about a month to become a master Ford technician! Funny isn't it? I have portrayed myself as a very confident person and have worked very hard to make things happen for myself and now this so called "society" has begun to view me as an investment into their upcoming generation. Find out what your children/ or yourself really love and enjoy to do and become as passionate about it as you are graduating high school or college or whatever and the view that the general public has of you will dramatically change! Look at Da Vinci, Poe, Justin Beiber :/, Henry Ford, Edison, and many many others as my proof :)
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