Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Sis

My sis Katie is the one who i can talk to about anything and she helps me get through whatever i'm going through at any point in my life....the thing is she's not my biological sister she's just such a good friend to me i call her my sis :) I have two girls in my life, really their all i have and they mean more to me than anything in this entire world. Nothing could ever give me more happiness than the happiness i feel from my sis and my baby!! Of course i want to marry my valerie and start a family with her and be a great father to our children but i don't want my sis to be too far away from me!!! I really want both of our families to be together all the time!! I miss seeing my sis and holding my baby but hey, if any of my families (my sis, and my wife) cars brake down i can definitely fix them.


katie said...

I love you bro!

katie said...

you might want to change this ;) lol sis, not so much