Saturday, November 24, 2012

Those Sleepless Nights....Again

You know those nights where you just blare staind through your headphones and contemplate everything that has gone on in your life? Those nights where you know  that you wont sleep no matter how hard you try...well this is one of those nights for me. Tomorrow I will be moving into a new apartment with the girl I have been dating for almost four years on and off except that as you all know she is pregnant. She is also diabetic and to be completely honest it scares the living shit out of me every time we check her blood sugar because one small mistake could send this pregnancy spiraling downward and I want to be a father so bad I can feel my heart pounding like crazy every time I think about that cute little baby being held in my arms and having that life with the woman of my dreams. I don't know this is just shit that keeps me up at night!

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