Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Job Coming Up!

As most people know that read this blog I have been devoted to cars pretty much my entire life, hell I even went to school to be able to do this for a living! Well things didn't really go as planned, when I got back home the only place that would hire me was an acura/audi dealership in my area. I did detailing work for them for the past year and some months, and just here recently I began doing some sidework for a guy looking to start up a shop. I am going to be under the table for a little while which I am not too crazy about but the money will be good and I know his work is steady so I finally got a new tool box to hold all of the thousands of dollars of tools that I have and I will be working full time their starting this coming Tuesday! So far for him I have done a few timing belts/chains heavy tech work. Mainly replacing engines and transmissions, and doing some clutch work here and their but hey everyone has to start somewhere right?

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